The first Online

Karate Training Academy

Earn your official karate rank from our experienced trainers who are officially recognized by the World Karate Federation (WKF).

Official WKF Karate Ranks

Delivered by the French Karate Federation

Your karate rank, from yellow to black belt recognized worldwide.

Live Karate Training Sessions

At your door

Train online until Brown Belt, then join our official team for specially intense training that prepares you for the Black Belt official exam.

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Why is KOTA.PRO so unique?

You are very busy or live in an area where there is no dojo but still want to fulfill your goal of practicing karate and earning increased karate ranks.

But not any karate rank. Note-many schools 'sell' karate ranks, but who recognizes them? At KOTA.PRO you will have a chance to train at your own pace and when you are ready, you may attend our world-class black belt exam prep seminar!

You may take more seminars, and KOTA.PRO can come to your country and deliver training to your group.
You can also start your own dojo and we will help you set up as an affiliate.

Your students only come to France for the black belt official exam. Why is our black belt recognized worldwide ?

In France, the National Karate Federation is recognized by the World Karate Federation.

We provide you with a Karate Federation Passport and Karate License that you can take anywhere in the world and get recognition.

Did you know a karate rank earned in a recognized martial arts school is earned for life and every dojo has to accept you at that karate rank?

All ages are welcome, and KOTA.PRO helps you advance in your practice at any age.

Whether you are 7 or 77, you can learn and earn higher karate ranks.